Invite Friends & Earn ¥250 Coupons

Welcome to the BottlesXO community! We always want to add new friends to our family of wine and beer lovers.

By sharing BottlesXO with your friends and by ordering bottles, you can earn XO Points – collect 50 XO Points and you’ll earn a ¥250 coupon to be used any time on the BottlesXO app! Sharing BottlesXO on WeChat and other social media accounts you can earn 25 XO Points, taking you halfway to your first coupon. Read on to find out how to start sharing and earning.

To start sharing and earning XO Points, select the  icon and then head to ‘XO Points’:

Once you’re there, you can select which channel you’d like to share through, including WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and SMS text message. To share through WeChat, tap the WeChat icon:

Then, you’ll be asked whether you’d like to share BottlesXO invitations on your WeChat Moments or through personal messages to your contacts:

Once you’ve chosen you’re ready to start sharing, earning XO Points and on your way to your first ¥250 voucher!