How to Pair Mexican Food with Wine & Beer

Cinco de Mayo might be behind us, but we’ll never pass up the chance to have a few drinks and eat lots of tacos!

Whether you’re stocking up the fridge for a party, or just enjoying a weekend with friends, BottlesXO has got your back when it comes to choosing the perfect drinks to compliment a Mexican feast. So dust off your sombrero and get your shot glasses out, because it’s time for a fiesta.

We like to suggest pairings by type of dish, and for convenience we’ll break some common Mexican cuisine down into four categories: Fresco (fresh), Cremoso (creamy), Picante (spicy) and Carnoso (meaty). And remember, any of these suggested drink pairings can be delivered right to you, chilled and ready to drink, through the BottlesXO app.

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(fresh pairings)

That goes for dips like salsa fresca, but also more substantial treats like tostadas (toasted tortillas covered with light toppings) as well as our favorite – fish tacos. If you’re doing beer, think a hefeweizen, a classic wheat beer or even a less hoppy pale ale. As for wine, think a  fresh, crisp white wine – a French Sau