Singapore | 3 Reasons Organic Wine Is Good For You (& Where You Can Try Some!)

There’s a reason that the farm-to-table trend has taken off in a huge way in recent years and, unsurprisingly, organic wine is all the rage right now in the wine world.  The last few years have seen organically produced wine become more and more popular: here are a few reasons that you should think about drinking them too.

1) There’s No Bad Stuff In There

If you’re concerned about what goes into your bottle of wine, then organic wines are the way to go. Their production typically excludes or at least limits the use of artificial chemical fertilisers pesticides, fungicides and herbicides during farming. Organic winemakers also try to limit the number of additives used during fermenting, bottling and cellaring.

No bad stuff in your wine definitely makes guilt-free drinking a little easier!

2) They are Lovingly Crafted, By Winemakers Who Care 

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Hecht & Bannier’s Organic Vineyards in Côtes de Provence, France

Organic winemakers who follow the principles of environmentally friendly viticulture usually pay more attention to their vineyards and, as a result, their wines tend to really reflect their terroir and possess more unique, interesting profiles with greater character.

3) They Taste Great! 


And, of course, when wines are lovingly crafted by people who put in a lot of effort into producing them, tending to their vineyards and making the most of their natural resources, they end up tasting great!

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