Singapore | 5 Ways To Beat The Haze!

The haze is back! But fret not, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to make indoor living a bit more exciting. If you’re a couch potato then the haze is an easy excuse! But if you’re a social butterfly, here are some ways to beat the smoggy outdoor weather…

1. Order Wine & Get $10 Off with BottlesXO


First off, wine! And we’ve got you covered on that. Wines delivered right to your doorstep at a click of a button without you ever needing to step out? Check. At just the right drinking temperature, from perfectly chilled white wine to just cool enough red wine? Check. All within 60 minutes with no minimum order or delivery fee? Check!

And because we believe staying indoors is much better with great wines and good company all around, we would like to extend to our customers $10 OFF ANY ORDER!

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The offer is valid from 29 August until 4 September 2016, for one-time use only. 

2. Get Active Indoors! 

Extreme sport climbing up mountain rock build wall

If you’re feeling bummed about staying in, get your adrenaline pumped by getting active indoors! From scaling the walls at Singapore’s tallest indoor air-conditioned climbing venue Climb Central to sweating out the toxins during hot yoga at Bikram Yoga or even trying your hand at Bollywood dancing, there’s something for everyone to get moving.

3. Get Your Couch Potato On & Netflix 


We hear Netflix provides free one-month trial for new members. Sounds like a great idea to utilise this during this hazy period. Try catching up on ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘The Blacklist’

4. Shop Online 

Woman doing online shopping

Fastest fingers first! Any reason is a good reason to drink up and shop online! If you need any further inspiration for your sartorial decisions, head to the brands’ Instagram for the complete look before deciding to purchase online.

5.  Go Old School & Play Board Games

Various board games

Go the old-school way and play chess or Monopoly (which, trust us, is better over a glass of wine or two) with your peeps. Or try to get your hands on Cards Against Humanity for a roaring good time!

Download the BottlesXO app here.