BottlesXO | Our Story

BottlesXO makes it easier than ever to get a great drink in Singapore.

The start-up that has changed the lives of wine and beer lovers in Singapore was founded in Shanghai by three tech-savvy wine lovers: Thilo Fuchs, Mischa Schulze, and Zou Zhengfang. When they found it difficult to get good wine whenever whenever they wanted it, they founded BottlesXO as a modern, convenient and simple way to purchase it.

Mischa Schulze & Thilo Fuchs


After a successful start in Shanghai, the start-up expanded within just six months to two more cities in Asia – the neighboring city Suzhou, shortly after to Hong Kong. In March 2016, the company expanded to Singapore where they have just celebrated a successful first year.

They’ve done so by offering high quality European wines and craft beers delivered in less than 60 minutes to wherever you are in your city, using next generation technology like ordering via mobile APP, GPS tracking and advanced logistics to make everything slick and techy.

As much as BottlesXO emphasizes the technological aspect of their company, though, they are just as passionate about their products and the people that make them. They collaborate only with family-owned boutique wineries creating a strong personal connection to the producers and, by purchasing and importing most of them directly, they can offer them at very reasonable prices. In regular tastings and events, customers are encouraged to sample the selection before ordering, allowing them to develop their own individual tastes and trust their own senses.

By combining the classic enjoyment of great drinks with mobile shopping and technology, BottlesXO is a start-up that brings an old world in to the modern age and, more importantly, makes something that we all love more convenient than it has ever been — just as the three founders wanted. Enjoying wine in Singapore has never been so easy.

Feel like trying out this new way of getting wine delivered in Singapore? Download the BottlesXO app here