Singapore | Crossroads Premium Lager – Our New Local Craft Beer

We’re very excited to announce the arrival of our first local Singapore craft beer!

We decided to look on our own doorstep to see if there was a good value, tasty craft beer for us to offer for our customers. We visited breweries around the Island sampling locally produced craft beers and chose this, a bottle that satisfies our core values and allows us to support a local Singaporean brewery.

Crossroads Premium Lager is a crisp, refreshing and drinkable lager with a subtle malty aroma and a light finish, it’s an exceptionally drinkable small-batch premium lager with plenty of flavor from Crossroads Brewing, one of the few locally focused brewers in Singapore.

A product of it’s city, it was created by Crossroads after they noticed that Singapore has a growing taste for high-quality, complex craft beer but needs something fresh easy to drink. With simplicity in mind, perhaps they say it best themselves: this is “Beer for folks who like beer”.

Founded by Jim Kellett, Crossroads Brewing Company brews for Singapore, the crossroads of Asia. They represent the urban adventurer with a perfect fusion of old and new, difference in harmony and celebration of the journey ahead. This is why they aim to create effortlessly enjoyable craft beers: neither heavy and bitter nor mass-produced and bland. Most importantly, they brew with originality and without compromise in a city where the very best meet and naturally blend.

Crossroads Premium Lager is available NOW on the BottlesXO app for instant, chilled delivery wherever you are in Singapore for just $30 for 4x 0.33l, with no minimum order or delivery fee.

Download the BottlesXO app here.