Singapore | Introducing Franz Keller, One of Our Favorite German Wineries

We’re totally hooked on Franz Keller’s Wines, and not just because they taste so good!

One of Germany’s most prestigious Vineyards, Franz Keller can be found in the wild, picturesque mountains of Kaiserstuhl, an area renowned for it’s beauty and rich volcanic soil. This winery, however, is about so more than appearance…

Franz Keller's Vineyards

Franz Keller’s Vineyards

Practicing only ecologically sound viticulture, they use green manures to grow their vines (which helps to maintain soil structure) as well as organic fertilizers according to the needs of each particular vineyard.

They show equal love and attention to their grapes, too. Picked 100% by hand, they are given ample time to develop, even if that means picking the vines in several stages. They are checked for a select quality to ensure they are healthy and have reached optimum ripeness, meaning they have not only sweetened but have also developed a balanced, complex and full flavor.

All of the wines produced by Franz Keller are certified as Gutswein, meaning that they are made using ecologically responsible viticulture. At least 80% of their vineyards are occupied by traditional wine varieties and they employ no use of high-tech, mass production of GM grapes. In short, they’re the real deal!

Feeling thirsty yet? The great news is that back in May we launched a limited number of bottles of Franz Keller Grauburgunder in the Singapore App, and last week the spectacular Riesling Sekt arrived! They’re both really special wines that we just just can’t get enough of. Here’s some even more exciting news: watch this space for another unique Franz Keller bottle later this month. We’re really excited to try it, and we think that you should be too!

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