Singapore | Get Your Hands Our Newest French Red!

We’ve got a brand new red wine available on the BottlesXO app! And this is a special one: the 2008 Château Les Hauts-Conseillants Lalande de Pomerol. 


It’s a wine with a natural elegance and strong personality, full of depth and seductive power thanks to being aged in French oak barrels. It’s also created by an a prestigious wine-making family in the heart of some of France’s finest wine country.

The winegrowers in Lalande de Pomerol value not only tradition, but modernity too. The vineyards are situated in the center of Bordeaux, just north of the well-known Pomerol appellation; wines from here can be considered the little brothers of that area’s famously excellent but very pricy wines.


Château les Hauts-Conseillants was founded in 1973 by the Figeac-Bourotte family, who have poured their unwavering passion into the project. The vineyards are traditionally worked, without the use of any chemicals, and harvesting is done entirely by hand into small crates.

The year the Château was founded was the same year that Jean-Baptiste Bourotte was born; today it is he who sits at the head of the property, fully immersed in the love story between a family and a magical piece of land. The consultant winemaker of Lalande de Pomerol is Michel Rolland, one of the most influential wine experts in the world and responsible for the excellent worldwide reputation that Bordeaux wines enjoy who was also, of course, born into a wine-making family in the Pomerol region.

This wine is available in Singapore NOW from the BottlesXO app; just place your order and we’ll deliver to wherever you are in less than 60 minutes, with no minimum order and no delivery fee.

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