Singapore | Top 8 Apps for Surviving in Singapore

We’ve dug a little deeper to uncover these lesser known, off–the-beaten-track apps that you won’t be able to live without!


You’ll never get lost again with this super helpful transport app. All you need to do is enter your destination and Citymapper will give you the best bus, MRT, Uber and even walking routes based on your current location as well as detailing journey time, cost and pubic transport wait times.




So useful! Created by Straits Times, SoShiok gives you a comprehensive list of the best places to eat in Singapore, allowing you to search by cuisine, location and price range. It also lets you make reservations and, at home, experiment with new ingredients using their ‘cheat sheets’ and find recipes to rustle something up. It’s the ultimate foodie App!


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.57.25 AMCoffee Co

We all know that when it comes to coffee shops, small and independent is definitely better! So don’t find yourself stranded in need of a quality caffeine hit as Coffee Co uses your location to give you plenty of options nearby.



With 800 beauty and wellness services to choose from, you will never have to compromise on looking fabulous again! Vaniday finds your closet salon for everything from hair and nails to beard grooming and massages.


SG Now

The best ‘what’s going on’ app Singapore has to offer, SG Now will find upcoming gigs, art gallery happenings and sporting events across the Little Red Dot.


Pocket Malls

Shopping Malls are the blessing/nemesis of all Singapore residents. With so many maze-like Malls to choose from, this handy app lets you search exactly what’s within each one so you can save time and make a beeline!


Show Nearby

There’s nothing more disruptive than a practical emergency! Show Nearby will locate the nearest ATM, pharmacy or gas station and shave many long minutes off frustratingly searching for one.



Of course we couldn’t complete this list without a shameless plug of our very own life-changing app! Offering 60 minute delivery at the perfect drinking temperature, we really have got your wine needs covered. Within our curated list of boutique European bottles, you will find food pairing suggestions, tasting notes and information about the quality vineyard for each bottle.

Plus, there’s no minimum order and no delivery fee: enough said.


Download the BottlesXO app here.

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