Singapore | Festive Gift Picks for Wine Lovers

Every real wine lover knows that it’s not just about having the right wines but also the essential wine gadgets and accessories on hand to complete those wine-savouring moments. What better time than Christmas to be generous and pick out these thoughtful festive gifts for those special vino-loving people in your life!

Here’s a list of some things we think no wine-lover should be without this Christmas.

1) Perfect Festive Wines

The 'Feeling Festive' Package

The BottlesXO ‘Feeling Festive’ Package

If you’re planning a get-together in Singapore this Christmas, then your life just got easier. We’ve curated two Festive Packages just for you that we’ll bring right to your doorstep!

The 'Festive Bubbles' Package

The BottlesXO ‘Festive Bubbles’ Package

Even better, with our ultrafast average delivery time of just 27 minutes (and the fact that we delivery all the bottles chilled with no fee) all you need to do is pop them open and enjoy the rest of your festive merrymaking!

The ‘Feeling Festive’ Package includes 1 Heinz Schmitt Riesling, 1 Domaine Faiveley Chardonnay, 1 Guado al Melo and 1 Hauts Conseillants Pomerol.

The ‘Festive Bubbles’ Package, meanwhile, includes 1 de Venoge Cordon Bleu, 1 de Venoge Rose Champagne and 1 de Venoge Blanc de Blancs. 

2) Wine Quotes Worthy Of Your Attention


Vino-heads will love this visually lovely Drink Wine Print that helpfully expresses how much you love your wines!

Available via Hipvan.

3) Awesome Bottle Openers


Opening a bottle is an important ritual. This beautiful Le Creuset TM-200 Trilogy Table Wine Opener adds a bit of hi-tech simplicity to it; you just need to simply turn the soft touch handle with no pulling necessary. After removing the cork from the bottle, the activ ball design even pushes that cork effortlessly off the screw.

Available via Le Creuset.

4) Large-Format Wine Buckets


This hand-hammered Bash Gold Beverage Tub by Crate & Barrel comes with a warm, gold finish to put the big chill on a whole party’s worth of wines.

Available via Crate and Barrel.

And there you have it. Christmas is a time for a celebrations, and celebrations are a time for wine. Happy holidays!

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